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The Bar at the Malta International Airport's Food Court

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The Bar at the Malta International Airport's Food Court

The Food Court at the Malta International Airport

The Malta International Airport Food Court stands as a remarkable illustration of how limitations can be transformed into design opportunities. The result is a practical and welcoming environment that provides a sense of ongoing discovery and elevates the overall travel experience for guests.

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The Joseph 'ix-Xlukkajr' memorial

‘ix-Xlukkajr’: a solemn reminder

ix-Xlukkajr” stands as a solemn reminder of Marsaxlokk’s tragic loss of Joseph in an incident at work. Marsaxlokk, a quaint fishing village nestled in the South-East of Malta, was the hometown of Joseph, where he was fondly remembered as ‘ix-Xlukkajr’.

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the DAMn principle

Our design principles are shaped by our vision of the world for the future. We imagine our world through digital and making; conceiving architecture as

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